The Well Madera Core Value Teams




Using Your Gifts

Together as the church, the body of Christ, we function as the visible representation of the invisible God as we each use our gifts to lead, teach, serve, heal, and encourage for the maturity and mission of the church! This is what spiritual gifts are – they are “Spirit-given and driven abilities to join Jesus in His work.” Now as disciples of Jesus, we have the great responsibility and privilege of discovering and developing our gifts for the maturity and the mission of the church.

Do you know what your spiritual gift is? Or maybe you’re unsure, but want to find out. Check out the list of teams below and feel free to contact us to join a team or learn more as we come together to discover and develop our gifts.

Discipleship Driven

Driver – Shawn Young

Co-Pilot – David Hawes

Admin – Amy Varney



Carol Poythress

Amy Varney


Life Groups

Shawn Young

Amy Varney



David Hawes

Mike Unger

Austin Rogers



Brock Lopes

Samantha Lopes

Biblically Driven

Driver – David Hawes

Co-Pilot – Mike Unger

Admin – Heather



David Hawes

Amy Varney



David Hawes

Heather Unger

Partners (Missions)

Driver – John Kampschmidt (Missions)

Co-Pilot – Shawn Young (Evangelism)

Admin – Dana Lennemann


Good News Club

Connie Kampschmidt


Driver – Rob Poythress

Co-Pilot – Victor Morales

Admin – Amy Varney


Coffee Cart

Amy Nungary



Naomi Wilcox

Worship Driven

Driver – Ben Roos

Co-Pilot – Mike Unger

Co-Pilot – Connie Kampschmidt

Admin – Samantha Lopes


Set-up & Tear Down

Tony Nugaray



Ben Roos



Connie Kampschmidt

Human Compassion

Driver – Victor Morales

Co-Pilot – John Kampschmidt

Admin – Dana Lennemann



Victor Morales



Michelle Roos



Adam Hix