On Sunday mornings, it is our pleasure to provide childcare and discipleship programs for children crawling through 6th grade. We are passionate about creating a safe and welcoming environment for kids to learn about God’s love and the relationship that is available with Him through His son, Jesus Christ.

Here you can find various resources and updates regarding the many ways we desire to partner with families in our Well KIDS ministry.


Kids Bibles We Love

The Bible App For Kids (Partner app for our early childhood curriculum)

Crawlers to 6th Grade
Summer 2019-The Gospel Project: The Kingdom Provided

Wise King Solomon
-Solomon Asked for Wisdom
-Wisdom for God’s People
-Solomon Built the Temple
-The Kingdom Divided

Fall 2019-The Gospel Project: A Nation Divided

Elijah and Elisha
-Elijah and the Widow
-Elijah at Mt. Carmel
-Elijah and Elisha
-Elisha and the Army

The Northern Kingdom of Israel
-Jonah, Prophet to Nineveh
-Hosea, Prophet to Israel
-Israel taken Captive

The Southern Kingdom of Judah
-Isaiah, Prophet to Judah
-Hezekiah and Josiah
-Jeremiah, Prophet to Judah
-Habakkuk the Prophet
-Judah Taken Captive
-Ezekial Gave Hope