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This is a creative outlet for the different & unique voices of our church to share something that has been placed on their heart to encourage, challenge, and build the body.



If we’re honest each of us must take ownership that we’ve all built our own tower of Babel, and in that build we must also ask, why am I building what I’m building and for whom is this being built, because to do anything less, may very well equate to nothing more than a monument to our own insecurities. 

New World, Same Old Humans

You try to be a new person, the better version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be and you fail again and again. Together, our only hope is found in the new Adam, Jesus Christ, who is the firstborn of a new humanity.

Jesus Christ is Your Ark

Just as the ark is beaten and battered by the waves of the storm, Jesus was beaten and battered by the storm of God’s righteous wrath poured out on His dearly loved Son.