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The Well Madera Blog

This is a creative outlet for the different & unique voices of our church to share something that has been placed on their heart to encourage, challenge, and build the body.


The Church: Community Driven

You have been given a gift or gifts to help strengthen, encourage, and mature the rest of the church community. The point of your gift is to serve your brothers and sisters.

The Church: Biblically Driven

Just as you and I need food on a regular, consistent basis to stay physically alive, we need the food of God’s Word on a regular, consistent basis to be spiritually alive.

Learning to Make Disciples Like Jesus

Are you actively learning to live and love like Jesus while you point people to the hope, love and wholeness found in Jesus Christ so that you can help others learn to live and love like Jesus?

The Church: How to Love Like Jesus

John first provides a short description as delivered by the Lord Himself as to how we as believers are expected to love as seen in, John 13:34. Then in Luke 10 we see how costly a committed and caring person’s love plays out for the world to see and apply.