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A Guidebook for Genuine Love

In Romans 12:9-21 Paul begins with an abrupt statement “Genuine Love” which is followed by a series of statements which describe how genuine love functions among fellow believers and among those who are not followers of Christ, especially our enemies.

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Don’t Get Cocky

Romans 11 is a sneak peak into the great mystery – a mystery that has been unfolding from the beginning of the story of the Bible, that God would make room for us non-Jews.

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Speak when you’re spoken to

The apostle’s earnest desire for the salvation of the Jews. (1-4) The difference between the righteousness of the law, and the righteousness of faith. (5-11) The Gentiles stand on a level with the Jews, in justification and salvation. (12-17) The Jews might know this from Old Testament prophecies. (18-21)

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